Original Interactive Murder Mystery Scripts
For Amateur and Professional Theatrical Production

A Gypsy Productions interactive murder mystery script involves dinner guests directly in the action by cleverly interweaving suspense, comedy and non-stop action, always topped off with a little murderous fun. We make sure that our mysteries are both entertaining and solvable.

Our original scripts may are adaptable to any venue, corporate function or party theme.

While many of our scripts are rated PG-13 for language and situations, we do have several that are family-friendly and can also be used for school and summer camp productions.

The availability of our original scripts is determined by geography -- we take great care to insure that the same script is not being performed in you're area by another group at the same time (within a 150 mile radius).

Pricing is a flat royalty fee of $50 per performance. Multiple performance rates and pre-paid discounts are available.

Contact us for perusal play scripts. Once you read it, you will discover how easy our scripts are to produce and how much you're audiences will enjoy it!

CLICK HERE for a list of our original scripts and a synopsis for each one.

When you are ready to produce one of our scripts we will contract for your production, and send you a full production packet which will include:

  • Production notes - may also be in the body of the script

  • The full script in pdf format so that you may print your own copies rather than purchase them

  • Fully-formatted materials needed for the production (clue cards/dossiers, character cards, etc.)

  • Character bios

  • Costume and prop lists

  • Suggestions for performing murder mysteries (if its your first time)

CONTACT US for Perusal Scripts or More Information.